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Could Ross become our return guy??


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According to KFFL:


"New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin indicated Tuesday, Aug. 30, that WRs Victor Cruz, Domenik Hixon and CB Aaron Ross might be candidates to return punts, although with Ross now a starting cornerback, Coughlin sounded hesitant to use Ross in the role"

I think it would be a huge mistake to give the job to Ross. The return guy has to be super-durable with no real injury history or prone to injury. And we have no freakin depth at CB.


Don't do it Tom!!!

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I'll personally put the bullet in TCs head myself if he does this. You never, NEVER put a starting CB back on punt returns... especially when we have Hixon. TC just loves pounding the square peg into the round hole.


Belichik is available this offseason, correct?

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The way our return game is you may as well put Petrus in.


...actually that might be awesome if he could get up a head of steam and bulldoze some guys.


i always liked the idea of jared lorenzen returning kicks .........just try and stop him after 10 yards

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Seriously what about Jacobs?

It seems the problem is catching a long wobbly ball. I also notice that as soon as our opponents catch the ball, they take off on a 45 degree angle (or more) to the sideline where most players aren't. We don't seem to be able to cover the whole field and bunch up to one side while the reciever simply jukes to the other side. On top of that, when we catch the ball (WHEN we catch it), it seems our recievers head straight forward into the bunch hoping that a miracle will occur and they'll blindly find a tiny hole to get to. In rare occassions when our reciever heads for the far side that is less jammed up with tacklers, we actually make progress and gain a bunch of yards.


So why is it so hard to figure out? :ranting2:

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