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My thoughts of the Jets-Giants game


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It's the 3rd game of the preseason.


I didn't watch it, and I'm really happy I didn't.


It's a mixed bag, Joe. We can look at all the fuck ups and say we're glad we saw them during the preseason, hopefully most of them get corrected starting with the Redskins' game.

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Turnovers. Plain and simple. Our Dline was great, as was our LBs. Our secondary held their receivers pretty good, Plax had ZERO catches. Eli threw for 200 yds and our RBs did real good, esp Jacobs. We outgained them in yardage easily......but lost. We gave them good field position. The INTS and sp. teams fuckups (Jernigan) cost us the game.


Just like last yr. <_<

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