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Giants Jets Dec 24th- Who do you like and why?


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This year we have one of those rare Giant Jets regular season games, and it will likely be for big stakes, perhaps either teams entry into the playoffs


As the rosters stand right now, who do you like? I'm sticking with the Giants on this one.


I do not see them being able to get to Eli, and the reverse will not be true.......Sanchez will be pressured a lot.


We own the WR edge, the RB edge


O-line is anybodies guess at this time.....they have a slight edge in the secondary..........not the huge advantage ESPN would tell you.


Special teams for us were not so special last year.........hopefully this gets fixed.



I'm going to say Giants 27-24.........it will be a nail biter though...........the Jets will go down swinging

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I agree Treehugger BUT


If you recall our Oline was the TOP O-line in the league last year (only 16 sacks allowed) and played best when O'Hara was out injured.....we were averaging like 9 yds per carry for a few game there.....blowing teams off the line


When he returned still injured he single handedly blew up our entire season as I recall


I was begging Coughlin to keep him and his injured ankle on the bench but you know ol guts and glory


Coughlin thought he could gut it out......I'm almost glad to see O'Hara go after that total fiasco


Seubert I have no comment.......he could stay on a sub.......as a matter of fact both could be brought back but only as subs


I do not think O-line is our problem- its still at LBer and Kiwi is back.......lets see how things develop


I'm hoping Steve Smith can make it back mid-season

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post all of your threads on a jets forum, any other forum in fact, any forum besides this forum.


The Jets play in a weak Division of a weak Conference....let them come play in the NFC East and see where they stack up


If I were a Jets fan I would remain firmly under a rock until they truly accomplish something. I do not see Joe Namath out there predicting any SB victories.......these guys still have a ways to go to be elite......1st off they need a reliable QB

then they need to build a D Line


they are what 33 years into futility.......reminds me of the Eagles......all regular season all the time :smartass:


I have to laugh when I see fans from these AFC East teams say they do not want Osi

Osi is exactly what they need......last I looked he 2 years to run on his Giants contract despite all the rhetoric.

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