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Andruw Jones


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I can't stand AJ. That fucking little smirk he has all the time, the way he catches the ball, and that pussy underhand throw back to the infield. I hate him. Every time I see that smirk I want to rip my eyes out.


He is one guy who if ever was on a Mets team I don't think I could root for...Larry either but to a lesser extent.

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Until they beat the Braves in a series or take the season series this team is still the same old Mets. Granted 2 guys are out for the Mets but the Braves are beat up too. This sucks. The Braves starters have a 1 billion ERA and the mets shrivel up and die.

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Sad thing was that was an okay pitch by Glavine. But at some point with no Chipper in there, just walk the guy.


The worst feeling is when you get beat single handedly by one offensive player in baseball. Not as if our hitting helped either. Woodward has our last two RBIS <_<

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