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Breakaway Group Of "Mid Tier" Players To Sign Lawfirm To Intervene In Brady/NFL Case

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The Sports Business Journal reports a "breakaway" group of "mid-tier" NFL players is set to sign a lawfirm to intervene in the Brady vs. NFL case.


The players, believed to be as many 70, are not happy that talks under federal mediator George Cohen broke off in March. Their motion, expected to be filed late this week, is essentially an attempt to have their voices heard alongside the owners and higher-paid players at the mediation table.


This is the first tangible sign of discord among the players. Even if Judge Susan Nelson is expected to grant an injunction, this report is more fodder for the belief that NFLPA chief DeMaurice Smith's extreme positions have "painted him into a corner," as PFT's Mike Florio suggested.



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There is reportedly a break in the ranks among NFL players, and it’s happened earlier than anyone would have imagined.


Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal has the scoop, saying a “breakaway group of players” want a seat at the mediation table and they are close to hiring a lawyer to intervene in mediation.


As many as 70 players described as “mid tier” players could be committed to the law firm. Kaplan reports they are unhappy that talks broke off in March in Washington D.C. They reportedly won’t contest the “Brady vs. NFL” antitrust case, but just want a seat at the table.


Albert Breer of NFL Network caught up with NFLPA* rep Mike Vrabel in Minnesota at mediation Wednesday.


“That’s why we’re here. That’s why Ben [Leber] and I are here,” Vrabel said. ”We’re players here to represent players and De works for us. They do (have a seat). And if they’re unhappy with that seat, we have to vote in a new executive committee, and a new board of reps.”


There is other legal wrangling here that would have to happen that we’ll let Florio get into earlier, but this is a troubling and surprising sign for the NFLPA*.



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Mid-tier players?....sounds like all the Giants linebackers.


Jack let me know that he is going to be sending you a strongly worded response that will highlight the athleticism of our white linebackers. In particular one who performs at such a level that he doesn't understand why we don't put that one person on the field to cover all three positions.

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