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  • Kevin Boothe, G (5); Original Round (6th), $1.325M (est)
  • Kevin Boss, TE (4); Second-Round*, $1.91M
  • Ahmad Bradshaw, RB (4); Second-Round*, $1.91M
  • Barry Cofield, DT (5); Second-Round*, $1.96M (est.)
  • Mathias Kiwanuka, DE (5); Original Round (2nd round comp), $1.935M (est.)
  • Steve Smith, WR (4); Second-Round, $1.91M
  • Dave Tollefson, DE (4); Second-Round*. $1.91M

No doubt we Keep Smith. If we let Bradshaw Go then we go after Ingram.

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Damn, I dont want any of them to go, esp. Cofield and Smith. I really want Ahmad as our strating RB, if he figures out his fumbilitis, hes lethal. Plus, I think Boss is one hell of a TE. I love Kiwi, but I dont see him stickin around and we could get something good for him.

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Smith, Boss and Cofield are the only ones on the list I want to keep no matter what. I would love to keep Kiwi but there is no way he stays with the Giants in a back up role, he can get good starting money and play time somewhere else.


Bradshaw and Tollefson are the two I can keep or leave, Bradshaw being the bigger loss. If we do lose Bradshaw we may end up going RB in the 2nd or 3rd round which it wouldn't bother me, alot of good quality RBs are 2nd round picks i.e Ray Rice, Matt Forte. Tollefson would be good depth let go but with Osi/Tuck and JPP along with Sintim who I would like to see more in the DE spot if enough quality depth in my opinion.

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