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New York Giants Are The Only Team Not Requiring Season Ticket Payments During Lockout

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John Mara and Steve Tisch, the Giants’ co-owners, are getting a ton of praise this afternoon for their announcement that they will not ask fans to pay for their season tickets until the NFL’s labor mess is settled. And they should, because it’s absolutely the right thing to do.


Among NFL owners, though, doing the right thing has put them in a class by themselves.


Maybe I shouldn’t be as stunned by this as I am, but SI.com’s Jim Trotter took a quick roll call on Twitter and found out that 31 of the NFL’s 32 teams have either already collected payments on 2011 season tickets, or will be forcing fans to pay soon. Never mind that fans are furious and wondering if there will even be a 2011 season.


The billionaires and millionaires who own NFL teams want your money, and they want it now.


I’m starting to wonder if there’s no end to their shamelessness. In the midst of their battle over how to divide a $9 billion pie, the owners – rather than take a hit to their own lifestyle – have already gotten busy laying off some of their lowest-paid employees, while sending others on furloughs and slashing salaries. Never mind that in most cases hours and workloads of those employees aren’t being slashed along with those salaries. They’re ordering their employees to work for less.


That, of course, isn’t enough. So NFL owners turn to the group they always turn to – fans. Never mind that many of you have already shelled out thousands for Personal Seat Licenses, or that your taxes helped fund their palaces and luxurious offices. Never mind that if you’re a PSL owner you have no choice but to pay for those season tickets, or you’ll lose your PSL investment.


What, you wanted sympathy? Understanding? From NFL owners?




At least Mara and Tisch get that there are limits to how far fans can be pushed – or, more accurately, they recognize that there should be limits (A fact which undoubtedly will earn them the anger of their 31 counterparts). I’ve gotten on them in the past for many things, like forcing fans to buy PSLs and for how much some of their ticket prices jumped between 2009 and 2010. They are good people, though, who do seem to genuinely care what the fans think. Though their decision seemingly should have been a no-brainer, they deserve praise for not making this situation worse by raising ticket prices for 2011 or for forcing fans to pay before there’s even a guarantee that there’ll be a 2011 season at all.


In a class full of idiots, though, you get to be valedictorian if you have a C average, so I’m not entirely sure they’re going to wear this praise like a badge of honor. They cleared the bar, all right, with plenty of room to spare. Unfortunately the bar was set by 31 other owners, who buried it underground, covered in mud.



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Nice to see even after building a new billion dollar stadium.


And the majority of teams are looking at having to do the same thing. Most teams are in aging facilities that do not generate the revenue a modern stadium does. That is part of the owners argument for skimming an additional billion off the take.

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They do still have the playoff ticket money from last year though.


I believe you can get it back on April 1st if you requested to last December but since bill was originally do 4/30 I bet most people did not bother.

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