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Strahan Could Be A Candidate To Replace Regis

The P

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As Regis Philbin moves closer to retirement, an unlikely name has emerged as a potential replacement.


Michael Strahan.


Strahan’s close friend, Rich “Big Daddy” Salgado of Coastal Advisors, posted a message on Twitter over the weekend claiming that Strahan is a candidate. If Strahan truly is a candidate, Salgado would know.


Salgado’s tweet was “re-tweeted” by Bob Glauber of Newsday, but the news has not crept into the mainstream, yet.


Strahan retired from the NFL after the 2007 season, and he has since worked for FOX NFL Sunday. He also starred in a short-lived sitcom. (The failure of FOX’s Brothers had far less to do with Strahan’s acting than with the quality of the writing.)


It’s unknown whether Strahan would continue to work for FOX during the football season, and whether Jay Glazer would appear on the show promoting a coffee table workout book about working out with coffee tables.










doubt it happens though.

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if he will agree to drop off the panel of five, I'm all for it


Where/when have you ever seen a sports review show with 5 guys on the panel?


It's ludicrous.....they should pass a token from one to the other so each guy gets his say without interrupting someone else


maybe they should rotate one guy off the table.

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Strahan has a good sense of humour but I doubt he's going to demographic well with white welfare single moms or bored house wives.


Bored housewives don't watch TV anymore. They play farmville and diner dash on facebook. That's why there are now only 4 soap operas remaining.


i think it's the retired folk that watch regis, making stra still not a good match.

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