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Reese Talks About Rolle and Phillips

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Giants GM Jerry Reese said he’s spoken with safeties Antrel Rolle and Kenny Phillips about comments made last week on a Miami radio station.


Speaking on WQAM, Rolle said the Giants need to have more fun and that a main reason why the Jets made it into the playoffs and the Giants did not was that Rex Ryan fosters better team chemistry than Tom Coughlin does.


Phillips said he’d love to play for a coach like Ryan and added after three years he was still in a feeling-out process with Coughlin.


“When things go bad and your season doesn’t end like you want it anything you say can be misconstrued,’’ Reese told Kimberly Jones of the YES Network on a segment of "This Week In Football" that will air Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.


"I talked to both of those players. They’re very remorseful about how it was spun. Both said they’re not that kind of people and I believe them, I think they’re both good people. If we make a couple plays, if Antrel makes a play back there, if Kenny Phillips makes a play back there, we’re not having this conversation. We’re probably still playing and everybody’s saying, “Wow, Tom Coughlin’s got a great formula.’ That’s how it goes. Whoever is winning has the best formula for that year.’’


The brush with controversy was new for Phillips but not for Rolle, who in his first season with the Giants more than once made headlines with his comments.


“That’s some of the things that [Rolle] and I talked about,’’ Reese told YES. “I had a private conversation, but those are some of the things that we talked about. Less is more with the media. 'Hey you do more on the field. You leave more on the field. You do your things on the field. You let your plays do the talking.’ And he said he was 200 percent in, and I believe him.’’


Reese reiterated that he would not shut the door on a return for Plaxico Burress, who is scheduled to be released from prison in June.


“Well, you know my standard answer to that … we investigate everything and we’ll definitely investigate that,’’ Reese said. “But you know Plax, when he gets home I think the first thing he’ll want to do is just spend time with his family and we’ll be in contact at the appropriate time. So we’ll just let that unfold. Absolutely we will not rule that out."


Reese also addressed quarterback Eli Manning's performance this season, when he threw a career-high 25 interceptions to severely hurt the cause for the Giants.


Improvement in that area has to come from Manning himself, according to Reese.


“Yeah, I think they have to come from within himself,’’ Reese told YES. "When you have a seven-year veteran in the National Football League, you’ve won a Super Bowl, you’ve been the MVP of Super Bowl … I think he’s going to put the onus on him, and that’s where the onus is, it’s on him. He needs to take care of the ball better and he knows that.


"I think Eli tried to do too much late in the season after we had some of the receivers go out and the offensive line was a mixed bag for a lot of the season. I think he was trying to do too much and I think that cost him some turnovers.’’



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how about the old bastard who forgot how much time was on the clock, and the score


not prepared for an obvious on sides kick situation :furious:


Compared to Lovie Smith, Coughlin is a genius.


Our Special Teams coach blows....that I won't argue.

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whats wrong with Lovie............I love Lovie


The guy is a real class act.....are you criticizing for not beating GB...........doust thou remember he played his starters all out in a meaningless game for him that fell just short of putting undeservedly in the playoffs?

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