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Tuck, Cofield Thrilled That Fewell's Returning

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New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin didn't want to conduct another search for a defensive coordinator this offseason. He fired Bill Sheridan following the '09 disaster, but his replacement, Perry Fewell, performed well enough in 2010 to warrant interest as a head-coaching candidate.


Both defensive end Justin Tuck and tackle Barry Cofield have been unabashed supporters of Fewell. They would've been pleased for him personally had he landed a head-coaching position, but they're ecstatic that he'll spend at least one more season with the Giants.


When I sent Tuck a text this morning asking what he thought about Fewell returning, he immediately responded, "Awesome." Then he asked me to add a couple of "smiley faces" to indicate how pleased he was with the news. " :) :) ," said Tuck.


Cofield, who had a Pro Bowl-caliber season for the Giants, had this to say via text:


"The best thing about Fewell returning is the opportunity to build on what we accomplished this year. There would have to have been a complete overhaul if he left, because this is his defense. No one could have just picked up where he left off. Guys will get more comfortable with him and the defense will become second nature. It was a learning process this season, and there is much room for improvement. If the Giants are able to keep the core guys together, the sky is the limit for Fewell's defense."


Cofield might command a pretty hefty contract in free agency, but it obviously sounds like he wants to remain with the Giants. General manager Jerry Reese would be wise to take care of him.


What should the Giants do with Mathias Kiwanuka? Well, let's save that for another blog entry.



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