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A little baseball talk..

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What rule changes would you like to see? And you can't say instant replay



I don't get why we have the dropped 3rd strike rule.





6.09 The batter becomes a runner when—

(a) He hits a fair ball;

(b) The third strike called by the umpire is not caught, providing (1) first base is

unoccupied, or (2) first base is occupied with two out;


6.09(b) Comment: A batter who does not realize his situation on a third strike not caught, and

who is not in the process



Never understood why it was needed, so the catcher dropped the ball, happens a dozen times a game on the first 2 strikes and the batter doesn't get to advance. So the pitcher has to face another batter (if the man reaches first, and albeit, that doesn't happen that often) because his catcher is a schmuck.



Though, I have to admit one of my favorite baseball stats is 4 strikeouts in an inning because of that rule. I remember it happening 1 time in I believe a cincy game in the early 90's, but apparently it's happened like 40 times.


If I was a major league pitcher and I was sitting on 4 k's in one inning, I'd tell my catcher to drop the next one if I get it so I could break the record. lol

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Hm. Salary floor.


I hear all these arguments for parity and ceilings.


But to a degree, I like the variety.


Except for bullshit small market teams who don't reinvest the money earned, and especially now, given to them.

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No synthetic turf of any kind. ...no fucking domes.


No more batting body armor....helmet is fine...but the kevlar from ankle to knee and wrist to shoulder if bullshit.


No more ejections for message pitches....let them police themselves.


No DH.


Blouse the fucking pants all the goddamn ready....you look like fucking clowns.


That's it


Grandpa Wagon.

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