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Small Seubert Update


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Awesome... he is a fricken' warrior. Thanks for a great season, Richie, should have been a Pro Bowler.


Amen to that. I was pretty hopeful knowing a dislocated knee cap as gruesome as it may sound isn't a terrible injury

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That's the one that holds the knee cap (patella) in place. I don't think it has a big role in the stability of the joint.



I am much more worried about Smith's procedure although the success rate of micro fracture surgery has improved tremendously over the last 5 years or so. This used to be the last ditch effort for pro athletes and rarely worked out.


There have been several notable successes recently however including Kenny Phillips and Amare Stoudamire.



keep fingers crossed

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jason kidd, kellen winslow, fred robbins, darren sharper


he'll come back fine the only issue is how long it'll be. it was an 18 month recovery as recently as 5 years ago but it's gotten much faster since then. not as worrisome of a proceedure as it used to be.

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