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The Official Perry Fewell for HC thread


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To heck with the Chin.......I like Perry's style........hes a riverboat gambler and thats what we need to counter Andy and his dirty pool tricks


Which is style you like more, Jack? The one that lasted 3.5 quarters or the one that lasted .5 or a quarter against Philly?

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Which is style you like more, Jack? The one that lasted 3.5 quarters or the one that lasted .5 or a quarter against Philly?


I like the whole package.......He called a great game.....He cannot make the players perform, and the D was on the field too much and winded because Old Man Time shuffled the O Line and we could not run the ball and the clock out


I think Perry would be just as aggressive on O as he is on D...........the guy has been around the block and has been a HC before


You bring in the Chin and we have to tear up the playbook and start over......plus a whole new coaching staff


You might be looking at a Shanhan type nightmare


You might recall it took quite a while for the team to adjust to Couhglin

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The defense has a total collapse. So fire the head coach, and replace him with the DC.



It was not the defense that broke down it was the not so special teams and the inability of the offense to make a 1st down


You want to put it on the defense go right ahead


I thought they played very well until the very end and were a very gassed the defense


We lost because Coughlin shuffled the OLine and we could not run the ball, and we lost because Coughlin was totally bamboozled by Andy Reids onsides kick. We lost because on the Giants last offensive play O'hara, who should not have been on the field got mauled and then Eli got mauled worse as the rush came straight up the middle


Coughlin can no longer coach in the NFL.......hes to old, too slow thinking, out of touch with the young guys he coaches, and totally inflexible.....the world has passed Tom by


It's time to turn over the keys to the Giants team to a younger guy......I personally would like to see Fewell get a shot.


We don't need wholesale changes, Jerry Reese has this team stocked to make unlimited SB runs......but Tom has no control of the team and they continue to make lame brained mistake after lamebrain mistake, likely in good part to poor preparation

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I've been a Giants fan long enough to know these types of defeats can send a team reeling


If we miss the playoffs or we go one and done like sheep Coughlin is gone in my opinion


so you have to consider the alternatives


I think Perry is much like Lovie Smith- could be a great coach for us


bringing anyone else in will mean a huge shake up and with a veteran team that could spell disaster


having said all that here are my other choices


- Jimmy

- Chuckie

- The Chin

- Foxie


I'd be happy with any of those guys

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The reality is that even if you blame two touchdowns on ST, two more were on the defense. That's simply unacceptable, and there's no escaping that. In other words, the timing for your argument just stinks.


That being said, I would take Fewell over any of the other guys you mention. But I also think Coughlin has been the best thing to happen to this team since Parcells.

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