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Why not let Gilbride play corner?


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He knows all the routes, and can easily read a QB's eyes and make a play.


Sure, he's not as fast as when he was coaching with the Oilers, but if the safeties give him support over the top, I think he'd really shine on 3rd and long.

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Why not leave Old Man Time as HC for another 10 years..........eventually they can wheel him out to the sidelines


Tom Tom uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhTOM Onsides KICK..........Wake up Tom Tom Tom..........thats the 3rd Onsides Kick Andy Reid has called for in a row ......Wake UP you old Buzzard!!


I know I know I know its the 4th Qtr of the biggest game of the year and their down by 41 points.....I know there are more than 7 minutes on the clock..........Who'd have thunk it......That Fat Andy plays dirty pool


Will someone wheel Tom back into the locker room for his afternoon nap Please!! <_<

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