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The Eagle's game plan


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Correct me if I'm wrong but the Eagles focused on shutting down our running game and dared Eli to beat them.. which he didn't. I don't expect them to do anything differently.. So it's either our OL and RB get their act together.. so that manning can get his.. or Eli better make them pay right away.

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Without a doubt, the Giants need to get their running offense and passing defense rolling next Sunday.


Statistically, the Vikings are better against the run than the Eagles (#4, #11), and we kicked their ass on the ground.


They've lost two of their best defenders......their MLB is rookie....he's fast, but he's not a run stuffer. The Giants should be able to exploit him up the gut.


No reason the Giants can't win this game....they just need to avoid all the fucking spazzing-out that we've seen in recent games against the Eagles.




And hopefully the crowd gets into the game....... I love it when it's 3rd and short, and some 70+ year old fan is sitting on his ass, clapping with huge mittens on..... way to rev up the crowd noise.

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Yeah he's the threat the Giants need to be worried about. Vick seems to be coming back down to earth but miss a tackle on Jackson and he's gone.



Agreed. I am not that worried about how the offense will do it is the defense that has me worried.

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