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NFL TV Coverage Map 12-5-10


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Washington @ NY Giants – Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, Tony Siragusa


San Francisco @ Green Bay – Thom Brennaman, Brian Billick [AK, HI]


Chicago @ Detroit – Sam Rosen, Tim Ryan


New Orleans @ Cincinnati - Ron Pitts, John Lynch


Areas in GREY will not receive a game, either due to a blackout or the local team playing at home on CBS.



Detroit, Flint, Lansing, Toledo: SF-GB to CHI-DET (Lions blackout lifted)

all AZ, Colorado Springs, Cedar Rapids and Des Moines IA, all ID, all KS, all MO (exc KC), all MT, all NE, all UT, all WY: SF-GB to CHI-DET

Denver, all OR (exc Medford), all WA: SF-GB to WSH-NYG

Cleveland, Fort Myers FL: WSH-NYG to CHI-DET

Cincinnati: NO-CIN to NONE (blackout)

Dayton, Lexington: NO-CIN to CHI-DET

Louisville: CHI-DET to NO-CIN

Beaumont TX: WSH-NYG to NO-CIN






Dallas @ Indianapolis – Joe Buck, Troy Aikman [Fairbanks AK; HI]


Atlanta @ Tampa Bay – Dick Stockton, Charles Davis, Jim Mora Jr.


St. Louis @ Arizona – Chris Myers, Kurt Warner


Carolina @ Seattle - Chris Rose, Ross Tucker [Anchorage, AK]


Areas in GREY will not receive a game, either due to a blackout or the local team playing at home on CBS.



Jacksonville, Roanoke VA, Duluth MN, Fargo ND: DAL-IND to ATL-TB

Knoxville TN, Jackson and Meridian MS, Lake Charles LA: ATL-TB to DAL-IND

Anchorage AK, Billings MT: DAL-IND to CAR-SEA

Springfield IL, Joplin MO: DAL-IND to STL-AZ



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Thanks, Blu. Although, with Socal MIA it's just you and me who need this. Well, I guess BB01 too, but he's too busy with his friend's packages to need regular tv.


Hey, like Ive said before, my friends package is stupendous!



OK, wait, do I get it? Do I not?? I checked the local listings, and it said we're getting it here.

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Fox has such a horrible staff. If we aren't stuck with Moose and Goose we get Buck and Aikman. And based on his weekly performance with Fatsayso we get Aikman and Buck for the rest of the season after this Sunday bar flex scheduling.



Its definitely Banks and Pappa for me man..... Aikman sounds like an overstressed engine like a motorcycle in low gear doing 60.

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