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Offense: WTF! Nothing done on offense. In fact there has been nothing done really the past couple weeks. Can't get a run game going because of the broken Oline. Pass plays on third and long continue to target receivers whose patterns are short of a first down. C-


Defense: Passive coverage. Allowing the receivers to get enough free yards that they take it and move the chains. That said a good job at containing Vick and also keeping the game close that we have a chance. B+


Special Teams: Well no FG attempts so no way to rank that. But punts and punt coverage are 1/3 or 1/4 so D- for ST.


As horrible as this game has been to watch there is still the chance to win. This is the kind of game we need Eli to step up and deliver. Without that effort we are fucked.

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Guest StrahansGap

The injured O-Line is the #1 reason we're losing right now. And the loss of Steve Smith is huge too. But when you can't run the ball, you can't pass either. But it's still a very close game. If Fewell comes up with a plan to stop Vick, we have a great chance

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