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After we kick the shit out of the Eagles, we'll be #1.


I am really looking forward to this game. One thing is for sure, it will define where we are. Even a close competitive loss on the road would be ok IMHO. We are banged up right now ( it is hard to win with out your center and left tackle ) and the Eagles are hot. What we can't have is another blow out.


The D must show something in this game for the Giants to be thought of as anything other than average.


Prediction? If we hold the Philthy Pigeons to 20, we should be good. Giants 24 Pigeons 20.

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I think the Dallas game showed us where we're at.


I dont think so. Unless youre talking about the injuries were facing. But dallas, despite their record, has talent. And they were desperate. e had won 5 straight to mthat point, they were due to win, we were due to lose. They got us that nite. But this game, I believe, will give us a better idea where were at. Im kinda worried to be honest. Because our Oline is fucked up.

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