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Ramses Barden Likely Out For The Year


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Bad news. Ramses Barden has "a significant ligament injury" and fractured ankle. "Unlikely" to play again this year, Coughlin said.





Coughlin says Ramses Barden likely out for year. Has ligament damage and ankle fracture. "Chance" Giants go outside to sign a new WR.








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Simple......Duke Calhoun.....he's got the name.


Yah, he hopped on a fumble yesterday, at least....Eli Manning can't even do that.... <_<


But seriously, we should have grabbed Randy Moss....


Flame on.

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but losing him when steve smith is also out, which made him the 3rd wr on a team that runs a lot of 3wr sets does hurt.

But there was already a huge drop of in quality after Manningham. What I'm saying is that there really isn't much difference in having Barden or Hagan or Calhoun as our 3rd receiver.


I'd be much happier if Cruz was available though.

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