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Is it me? Or


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Or has our Pass Rush gone completely dead? I think the Giants have sack the QB 4 time in the last 4 games...


Well the Seattle game I give them a pass the QB was trying to get rid of the ball ASAP....but yeah it seems diminished. Only so much a 4 man rush can do. Especially when your opponents #1 threat is given single coverage.


/still angry at Bryant getting single coverage after NUMEROUS deep plays converting

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As much as we love to hate on Gilfuck for...well being Gilfuck Fewell did a bad job today.



Two games we have lost in large part to piss poor game planning. The Colts game was one and this one. Fewell is allowing the opponent to dictate what we do as a defense. I think you have to play your game and make the opponent adjust. There is simply no sense to letting Jon Kitna (KITNA!) stand back there and throw perfect spirals all over the field. And it didn't have to be that way at all.


I also put a large amount of blame on Gilbride. They had TWO healthy corners and we are still trotting out the typical 2 WR sets. At least go 3 wide if not 4 wide and exploit these guys.

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