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NFL All Time Draft

Virginia Giant

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So, the idea is whoever wants in says so in this thread, you will become a team owner (post your team name in this thread). After everyone who wants in is in, we'll hold a draft of the all time greats in the NFL. Each owner will have a 24 hour window to make their selection, after all the teams are filled, I'll post a thread with all the complete teams and we'll all vote for who has put together the best overall team. The draft will have former and current players.



Team requirements.



QB -1

HB - 1

FB - 1

WR - 2

TE - 1

T - 2

G - 2

C - 1



DE - 2

DT - 2

OLB - 2

MLB - 1

CB - 2

FS - 1

SS - 1


K - 1

P - 1



There will be 25 rounds, one more than needed to fill the team, use the extra pick on who you see fit.

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