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Update on Kiwanuka not Encouraging


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Mathias Kiwanuka Still Out For Giants


by Ed Valentine


READ MORE: Mathias Kiwanuka (DE - NYG), New York Giants


[UPDATE: Kiwanuka has now admitted that he has a 'herniated' disc in his neck, worse than the bulging disc that had previously been reported.]


New York Giants defensive end/linebacker Mathias Kiwanuka is still unable to return to practice due to a bulging cervical disc.


Kiwanuka has now seen at least two doctors regarding the injury, and there is no timetable for his return.


While the Giants and Kiwanuka have been reluctant to discuss the details of what exactly is the red flag for doctors regarding Kiwanuka’s situation, indications are it’s still raised.


"It is difficult for everyone, the player as well, because the player naturally starts to feel better," Coughlin said. "He feels better, the symptoms aren’t there (so), ‘Why can’t I go? What’s the issue here?’


"Everyone looks and says that perhaps, not just Mathias but any player under those circumstances, maybe he can practice, maybe he can play. The frustration, of course, if that it’s not something you see with the naked eye."


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Send him for surgery now. Herniated discs don't just go away.


My friend had this same surgery a few years ago. To avoid slicing through all the muscle around the neck they go in from the other side, through the throat area. There's a chance that they'll nick something on the way in and you'll come out talking like Mike Tyson.

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