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Tynes questionable with sprained ankle !


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Punter Matt Dodge, who had been Tynes' holder, could replace him on kickoffs but not for field goals.

Dodge said he kicked off in college, so he knows the technique and is capable of filling the role.


"I haven't done it nearly as much as I did in college, but I feel I could do it," Dodge said. "We've done it a couple days, just to make sure you can still do it."







oh also ..........


Coughlin cleared Reynaud of the entire responsibility for unfruitful returns because of a lack of holes. However, Coughlin emphasized the importance of ball security.


“The kickoff return has been a lot better than punt return,” Quinn said. “Punt return is not doing much of anything there. Have to keep working on it and hope we get one.”





The punt returns were affected the past two weeks by punters with impressive hang time.

Nonetheless, Reynaud said he's finally becoming comfortable in the Giants' system.


"I guarantee you, it's about to change," Reynaud said. "Quote me on that."



LOL Yeah OK we will believe it when we see it.

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