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Giants DE Justin Tuck Receives Friendly Wager From Lions DT Ndamukong Suh


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NEW YORK -- Ndamukong Suh spoke to Justin Tuck over an Internet phone on Tuesday morning, five days before the Detroit Lions standout rookie defensive tackle and Giants standout defensive end will line opposing sidelines. Tuck wanted to know how someone from the Pacific Northwest ended up in Nebraska and complimented Suh's performance early this season.


Then, Suh provided a wager to Tuck: The loser of Sunday's Giants-Lions game will have to donate Subway sandwiches to a charity of their choice. Both are spokesmen for Subway.


"Wow, I'm being wagered by a rookie," Tuck said while promoting Subway's breakfast menu. Tuck accepted the wager.


"May the best team, player, organization win," Tuck said.


The Giants are heavy favorites against the Lions, who started the season 0-4 before last weekend's 44-6 win over the St. Louis Rams. Tuck, the Giants' defensive captain, took more out of the win than the four losses.


"I've been telling all our guys, it's not the old Detroit Lions," Tuck said. "The Detroit Lions are a team to reckoned with. They could easily be 4-1 or maybe even undefeated if a couple other plays go their way."


Stay tuned for much more to come from Tuck in the coming days.


* * * *


Lions coach Jim Schwartz said Wednesday that there was excitement on Monday about the Lions' win, but the team's practice facility is now "no different at all" than any other Wednesday.


"This is a good group and a lot of veteran players and also a lot of young players who don't know a lot different," Schwartz said. "It's cliche to say 24-hour rule, but what we do on Monday is go through the game tape and finding places that we need to improve and finding things we did well and we did poorly. And quite honestly, that has nothing to do with the final score of the game."


In his second season, Schwartz has worked to eradicate the stigma of losing from a team that went 0-16 in 2008. It's started the past two drafts with four first-round picks -- quarterback Matthew Stafford, tight end Brandon Pettigrew, Suh and RB Jahvid Best -- along with other picks and free-agent signings. The team added defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch to bolster the line during the offseason, and had an under-the-radar signing of backup quarterback Shaun Hill, who has adequately replaced Stafford this season.


"There's only one way: get good players and get them in a scheme that fits them," Schwartz said. "And be steady and be consistent. It's like the things I admire about Keith Bulluck. I try to do the same as a coach. What you don't want to do is change course and overreact to things. You need to have confidence that your plan's going to work and stick to that plan. I greatly admire Tom Coughlin for that reason.


"He is the same guy every week. He's very, very consistent as a coach. There's not a whole lot of changes and surprises. And the players know what to expect. If we can get that kind of atmosphere here, draft good players, sign good players, develop players, put them in a scheme that fits them and we don't panic and we don't change, we have confidence that we we're doing will get out of the issues that we've had in the past."











Looks like Suh is going to be buying a lot of subs.

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I must confess I know absolutely nothing about the Detroit Lions and cannot pronounce this guys name, as he has yet to become a household word


I''m going to call him Cassius Clay until I figure out how to pronounce it....


I hope they play well and provide an exciting contest that I likely wont watch due to this idiot Dolan and his crummy cable tv network, and worse basketball team


Whats the bet anyway......that they will beat us outright?

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