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My Thoughts on the Rays

Virginia Giant

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What a whiny fucking team. A few years ago I was rooting for them, the underdog, lovable loser and all that, but somewhere along the line they developed a sense of entitlement and dickery. The Michael Young check swing was a bad call, but the over reaction on their part was rediculous. I watched their dugout and they really seem to have emotional issues, especially Shields, that dude has issues. They argue over everything, the strike zone in game 3 was everywhere, and throughout the series (I didn't get to watch game 5) they argued called strikes at least a few times a game, and I know I'm a homer, but I didn't see that with the Rangers, once I saw a look back at the ump, but no the stopping and staring and the jaw jacking the Rays did.


On top of that, they have no sense of sportsmanship. I'm not a fan of the claw and antlers thing the Rangers do, but it's harmless and in game 3 and 4 the Rays were mocking it, which is harmless too but shows a lack of class and dignity.


Oh well, fuck them, thats teams about to be dismantled anyway.

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