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Congrats, blu!


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Yes Congrats to you to, VG., I got to watch that other Rangers fan I told you about celebrate tonight. He was pumped as I'm sure you were. Road Warriors- worked for the NY Giants in '07..... But they have to win at least 1 at home against Yankees.

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Thank you, I don't think the Giants can beat Philly with their bats asleep like they are now. Philly in 6


Fortunately for you guys the Phils aren't exactly swinging hot sticks either...still overall, I think our lineup matches up better with your rotation than vice versa...Phitins in 6 sounds good to me.


Should be a good series either way.

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I've got a bad (to me obviously) feeling that SF takes game one...I think they'll get out of this weekend with 1 win and I don't think we'll see a repeat performance from Oswalt like his last outing, and for whatever reason the Giants have had success against Halladay.

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That's it! It's time to break up the Giants. No team should be allowed to carry a pitching staff like that. Unbelievable! That was no choke on the Rangers part. It was pure pitching. Congrats again, Blu.


Thanks Ditto. There's another Giants Fan on here too, gman329. He's a big fan as well.



Through the whole playoffs, each team said "our bats have gone dead" I think they finally realize why.

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