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Perry Fewell Is A Genius!


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He knew we would lose to Indy so he did his best to prepare for week 3 versus Tenn.


The contrast between facing Indianapolis and top quarterback Peyton Manning and Tennessee and NFL-leading rusher Chris Johnson couldn't be greater for the Giants' defense. Because the Giants played mostly six defensive backs and one linebacker last week in an effort to contain the Colts' passing, the Titans' Johnson said today that game film is useless to him.


"They played Indy in a nickel...






clearly he sacrificed week 2 to confuse Johnson and the Titans week 3.




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I'd like to see some man coverage, outside containment on Vince Young, and an inside pass rush.


Is that too much to ask?


Havent you heard? Eli is making 100 billion zillion dollars and we couldnt afford to pay any other players on the team, so it's just Eli going into the Titans game and whatever happens it's all his fault.


Fuck Eli that Superbowl MVP pussy, doesnt yell at grown men or anything.

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