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Total Embarrasment


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Who were those guys.......some should just return their paychecks. Justin Tuck is a has been, Brandon Jacobs a clown.

David Diehl needed some help out there.......where was the FB? I think Ol'Tom ought to join Wade Philips as Coach Emeritus in the owners booth......these guys are old and in the way.


Lackluster effort, crazy defensive formations........horrible play calling (do the Giants have screenpass in their playbook??).


I guess if your going to lose you might as well get a good asswhipping but that was embarrassing beyond belief


for the first time in many many years I turned off the TV and went to bed in the middle of the 3rd Qtr.......it was either that or fly to Indianapolis and choke Chis Collinsworth .....I decided to sleep instead


This after the 7/8th grade soccer team I coach took a 5-0 loss in the afternoon.........I'd had enough


Giants should stay off national TV.......they always choke in those games


at least I had the score right........just reversed LOL :smartass:

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