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NOMORECHANNELSURFING.NETFNFEDS....... Found it again http://channelsurfing.ws/

http://www.justin.tv/directory/sports looks kinda crappy lets see if they update the site before football season.

Firstrow They want you to install torrent software before you watch




http://www.wiziwig.t...php?part=sports Formally myP2P.eu links not working yet, I think they want you to down load Torrent sw.

http://www.sportsbeech.com/ thank you JGF

http://tykestv.eu./ They are revamping their website. thank you Blunatic

http://www.vipboxonline.eu/sports/american-football.html thank you Herc


http://www.foxsports.com/foxsportsgo/ local games on fox on your portable device.

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channelsurfing is really an awesome site. i use it all the time to watch ppv events and unlike most similar sites it never goes down or lags


You are the JINXOR LOL

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