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New Giants Quarterback Jim Sorgi Says The Manning Brothers Share The Same Fire Inside

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After six seasons in Indianapolis, QB Jim Sorgi switched teams - and Manning brothers - and joined the Giants this spring to be the backup to Eli Manning. He's also agreed to join the Daily News for a first-person, behind-the-scenes look at life with the Giants throughout training camp in Albany. This is the second installment of what will be a regular series throughout the three weeks of camp.


Everybody asks me to compare (Peyton and Eli), and I really try not to get into that. I don't want to get into what Eli does that's like his brother and what he doesn't do like his brother. Each player is different. Each brother has his own game.


Of course there are similarities and things about them that seem alike. But you're going to see some differences, too. I'm trying to stay away from comparing Eli to his brother. I'm trying not to say 'Hey, you're like Peyton' in this instance or 'You're not like Peyton' in this instance. I want to just see him as his own person. He's his own quarterback, he's got his own game and it's working well for him.


Some people have said that Peyton is outgoing and Eli is quiet. There's some truth to that. But they are both outgoing people in a way. Behind the scenes they both like to play little jokes and have a good time.


But when it's time to work, it's time to go to work. They both have that intense focus. One might be a little more demonstrative than the other, but deep down inside that fire burns the same.


I'd love to be a little like Eli and a little like Peyton, to get our offense in the perfect play at the perfect time, but if something doesn't go right, (I would like) to be able to make a play on sheer will and determination. They're so good at knowing every little thing that's going on - down and distance, the defense, the offense, time on the clock, and the score.


I just hope I'm as aware if I get in a game and have to play in a crucial situation.



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