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Jets Sign Solid Linebacker, Brad Kassell; Meanwhile, Ernie Courting Geriatric

Guest nosebleed

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Only 74 tackles out of your MLB'er & a guy from the 17'th ranked defense overall (23'rd against the run :TD: )..... no thanks. At least when we got Pierce last season we stole him from one of the top ranked defenses.... we knew he could play, this kid might be that good or he could be terrible. Long story short, we knew what we were getting.... the Jets don't.


From The Sporting News:


Scouting report on Brad Kassell (summarized):

Good size to play the middle but is slow in diagnosing the play, Titans will likely let him go... doesn't have the speed to play MLB'er & is a liability in coverage.


The Jets will probably use him for depth... due to his lack of speed I don't see them putting him at either of the outside linebacker positions, he might start inside if Mangini decides to go to the 3-4 defense in his first year.

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Guest Nutty Sack

Ernie's got enough on his hands. Half his team is doing there own thing in South Beach and he has no defensive tackles. On top of all that the division rivals have put his team in the rear view mirror by cornering the jewels of the free agent market.


He should go back to writing for the Baltimore Sun.

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Guest Floyd The Barber

hes managed to sign 11 different DB's this offseason, and if you ask yourself if we are in a better situation than we were last year at this time at that position you can probably say no...


so let me ask this, what does EA actually do for the NYG's ??

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