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Giants Draft Just Got a Lot Better


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This is just a quick snip from Draftseason - NFL news:


Giants draft just got a whole lot better

March 5, 2010 at 10:30 pm


With the recent signing Antrel Rolle,New York takes away a huge need at safety. Not only that, but the Dolphins have signed Karlos Dansby which gives the chance of Rolando McClain sliding to pick 15 actually possible. Although I wouldn’t get my hopes up if I were a Giants fan it is now actually possible to land the inside linebacker from Alabama. If this was to pan out, any doubts about the Giants defense can officially be chucked out the window.




Response posted to above snippit:


"also good news is that Brandon Marshall will most likely be going to Seattle, which leaves a huge gap in the broncos receiving core, so they might want to draft Dez Bryant. (I was reading broncos wanted McClain) So we have a chance at getting McClain"




Anyway....the Giants get the 15th pick overall and most mock drafts have McClain getting picked before that so it might be just a lot of empty chatter. The Giants would probably have to make a trade or two to move up a few spots in order to get McClain. It might be worth it.


I see a lot of rumors about the Giants eyeballing Florida State's LB Brandon Spikes (cousin of Takeo Spikes) and some mocks even have Spikes rated above McClain, but I personally think McClain is the cherry at this position.


On the other hand, I personally think the Giants should focus on getting some youth and talent to build the offensive line which didn't live up to it's reputation from a couple of years ago. It might take a first round pick to get "guaranteed" quality at that position.


Hopefully, the Giants will land McClain in April.

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Great points.....I was worried about Miami.


Still, though, if Miama goes after McClain, I wouldn't be surprised. Parcells loves players like that.


From the other article, they did drop 2 starting linebackers and only picked up Dansby....

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