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DraftCountdown Mock: ILB Rolando McClain, Alabama, to the Giants


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I was never a fan of mock drafts mainly because after the first 10 picks they all go down the shitter and non of them are ever right, especially if there is a trade in the top 10.


I do like though seeing who they have us taken and reading up on the player, since I'm not all the big into college football and never bother listening to the draft/combine stuff. Usually acouple days before the draft I hit up ESPN and NFL there and just read up on players who might be in the Giants sights and when the Giants are picking. Like the year we drafted Steve Smith, I remember reading up on the kid and reading how at USC(I think) he was the #2 guy but when the #1 went down with injury he stepped in and excelled at every level. I think most people had him going late 1st/early 2nd that year and I was pretty surprised come draft day he was still there when the Giants picked him. I thought he would of went before us picking and was hoping that we would pick him up, I think thats really the only player I ever wanted the Giants to take heh.

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I personally would hate it if we drafted Rolando McClain IF we don't address our DT problems in free agency. Our best bet is to go with Brian Price or Dan Williams....


I think we need help at DT, but Rolando McClain - if he's half what Patrick Willis is - would become the anchor on our defense. We haven't been able to cover a tight end since Jessie Armstead left.

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