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So if Gilbride doesnt get a head coaching job, does that mean we are going to sign him to a contract?


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You're right, but I doubt Al sees it that way.


Tom Cable Staying In Oakland For 2010:

s_thompson_c_small.jpg?1260017711 by Kevin Roberts91474049.jpg.23227.0_feature.jpg?1264307754Ronald

ESPN's Adam Schefter has reported that Oakland head coach Tom Cable will be retained, and at least for now , appears set to coach the Raiders for the 2010 season.


Despite rumors that team owner Al Davis was pursuing possible candidate for the past week and a half, the Raiders brass appears to have abruptly cut-off their head coaching search and has decided to walk into the next NFLseason with the same head coach that guided the to upset victories over the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles


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ok so wtf is the deal? we officially dont have an offensive coordinator, gilbride isnt even under contract

He's got another year.


CSNChicago.com is reporting the Bears are also interested in hiring Kevin Gilbride as their offensive coordinator. But that really makes no sense, as Gilbride holds the same position with the Giants. Also, allow me to clarify once more: Gilbride is under contract through next season, so the Giants have full control over Gilbride and would likely prevent him from leaving for another coordinator spot. Now, could Gilbride garner some attention for a head coaching spot? Sure. But the Raiders have yet to fire Tom Cable while an ESPN report from November that indicated Gilbride would be in the mix for the Bills' job has yet to come to fruition.


An appropriate link.

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