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Starting to get that "too optimistic" feeling. Again

Virginia Giant

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Rangers look to be peicing together a good team. Getting Harden, Vlad, Chris Ray, Darren Oliver among others. Al have had issues, from age to injury, but if Vlad can give us 130 games with Vlad type numbers, and if we can stay somewhat healthy, namely Hamilton, this could be a scary lineup again, and a scary team if we can get pitching like last year from Feldman, and Hunter and Holland can make the next step at becoming solid middle rotation starters.

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i agree, if the pitching holds up, Rangers will be in it. although seattle got stronger, the angels got weaker.


Seattle has put a damn good team together. The Angels reign at the top could be coming to an end with the Mariners and Rangers both getting better, and them looking worse.

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Btw, VG- what did you think about McGwire's cry fest.

2 funniest things for me:


McGwire- No, Steroids didn't help me hit home runs


LaRussa- I had no idea my 1989 locker room was a juice shack :LMAO:

I didn't actually hear his interview or press conference ror whatever, I heard he admitted it, wasn't surprised, and moved on. I'm simply sick of hearing about the issue.


neftali feliz is gonna killllllll it

I'm kind of hoping he gets one more year in the pen, but unless we find a 5th starter, it's him or CJ, and I'd rather it be Feliz.

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