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Jets won't sell alcohol in last game at Giants Stadium

Mr. P

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Jets won't sell alcohol in last game at Giants Stadium


Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on December 30, 2009 9:44 PM ET



Longtime Jets fans believe they are being set up.


The team caught breaks when other wild card contenders lost over the last two weeks. They caught another big one when Peyton Manning was pulled from last week's game.


And now the Bengals are expected to rest starters, serving up a playoff berth on a silver platter.


In the mind of some Jets fans, this only means a potential loss will be all the more painful. J.T. O'Sullivan last second touchdown to close Giants Stadium, anyone?


That would make the depressing close of Shea Stadium look like a party.


Perhaps with that worst possible result in mind, the Jets announced Wednesday night that the team won't serve alcohol at the season finale.


The decision was made partly because the game is at night. The team was also concerned with possible fan behavior because it's final game.


Which just means there will be more drinking in the parking lot. This should be fun.



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