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Carolina Panthers linebacker Na'il Diggs leaves mark on Giants Stadium

Mr. P

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The final insult was a lasting one, scribbled with a permanent marker high on a wall in the visitors' locker room.


Shortly after the Panthers shredded the Giants for 416 yards of total offense and crushed Big Blue's playoff chances with a 41-9 victory at the Meadowlands, linebacker Na'il Diggs put down his luggage, balanced himself on a chair and inscribed his John Hancock before leaving Giants Stadium for the final time.


"I've had some memorable moments here and just wanted to leave my mark," said Diggs, who didn't need a Sharpie to accomplish the goal. "I wanted to leave my mark before they blow this place up."


Just over a year ago, the Panthers fell to Big Blue in overtime at the Meadowlands, 34-28, losing out on the NFC's No. 1 seed.


For Diggs, who smiled as he recalled watching nearly all of the 78,809 fans leave before the final horn, it was sweet revenge.


"After they were throwing ice and all of that stuff at us last year, it was nice to send them home early," said Diggs. "To have their team not play as well as they did in the final game of the stadium, I'm sure it was probably a little embarrassing from every angle."




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Who cares? We came back and whipped their asses last year....and so what. You play games to win...not to lose...so you are pissed off that you lost last year? Was it the NY fans fault? The Giants fault...or your teams inability to lock it down last year. Listen the Giants laid down like dogs yesterday...it had very little to do with what Carolina brought or did not bring to the game. Every professional observer said it loud and plainly yesterday...it was obvious that the Giants collectively (with a few exceptions) but the D especially tanked the game. No heart. It could have been a college squad and they would have been ripping off yards yesterday. When it all comes down to it...I never heard of this kid before this article and will soon forget him. But I will definitely remember all of the memories of that stadium good and bad. So its a big whatever to that type of "statement". :jerkoff:

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