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Is this team about to Quit on Coughlin/Sheridan?


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We've all lived through the demise of Fassell


I''m beginning to feel the same vibe I felt before the team imploded on Fassel, and Lynn


Funny in both cases the HC lost his D man and went out and hired a nobody


I hope I'm wrong........but Coughlin is a medicine best swallowed with victories (Strahan for instance became a good soldier when the winning started).........in bad times his style really grates on people

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I'd say Osi quit in summer camp....its like a disease


it spreads


Our Offense has never quit, but even there the Running game is off


I agree...the offense has been a relatively bright spot for us...minus the inconsistencies in the run game and the dropsies that seems to afflict us every couple weeks...

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I just dont get why our DC doesnt realise that he is going to have to get after the QB. If the front 4 arent getting there, then you have to blitz. And you have to keep the offense constantly guessing where its going to come from. Our secondary is a weak link, so you cant allow a QB to have all the time in the world to throw the ball. No secondary can defend against that. How many times are you going to go into half time with 30 points scored against you before you understand that your scheme just doesnt work? Im surprised we arent seeing the defensive leaders speaking out against him right now.

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