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Source: NFL Reviewing Flozell Adams' Hit

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Source: Adams' foul under review


By Adam Schefter



The NFL is reviewing the personal foul penalty that Cowboys offensive tackle Flozell Adams drew at the end of Sunday's first half against the New York Giants for potential disciplinary measures, a league official confirmed.


Adams, who injured Giants defensive end Justin Tuck in Week 2 and has a history of run-ins with New York, drew a personal foul penalty at the end of the half for a late hit out of bounds.


The teams scuffled en route to their locker room and tuck blamed Adams for it. According to The New York Times, Tuck said Adams pushed him from behind.


The league declined to speculate on the potential outcome of the review, but Adams at the very least will be fined and could wind up getting suspended.


If the NFL opts to suspend Adams, it would inform Dallas of its decision by the end of Tuesday for game-planning purposes.


Adams was fined $12,500 for committing two fouls in Week 2. He tripped Tuck, causing an injury to his left shoulder, and kicked Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora.


One week earlier, Adams was fined $5,000 for unnecessary roughness against Tampa.


The Cowboys play host to the Chargers on Sunday.



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At the risk of being a homer, Flozell needs to sit a game. A $10,000 fine is a bar tab to guys like this.


Considering it was a cheap shot after the half ended, there's no excuse. Especially since Tuck's shoulder has been a problem ever since his first personal foul.

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Offensive Linemen are always doing crap like that. If there wasn't history there, it wouldn't have even been shown.

Tuck needs to take care if it himself, in my opinion.


a cheap shot not even during a play, but after the half ended when players were jogging to the locker room, i think it wouldve been shown no matter what the history.

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Hmm coulda sworn you said elsewhere you were in SW1


I am...unless all of the leagues are named SW League I.....


My league consists of Nem, Pdub, Blunatic, BlueinCanada, Taylorized, UKGiants, and Herc

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Agent says Flozell thought the play was going on


Posted by Michael David Smith on December 8, 2009 5:20 PM ET


The case of the Flozell Adams cheap shot has just gotten a little more strange, with Adams' agent now claiming that Adams didn't know the play was over when he pushed Justin Tuck in the back at the end of the first half of the Cowboys-Giants game.


"I have talked to the Cowboys and the league. The league is discussing it and we will find out tomorrow," Adams' agent Jordan Woy said of possible disciplinary actions. "Flo thought the play was still in action when the hit occurred."


Left unanswered is this: Even if we stipulate that Adams really did think the play was still in action, how would that justify giving an opponent a hard shove in the back away from the play?


There seems to be a growing consensus that there is no justification for what Adams did, and that the league needs to come down hard on Adams, who has already been fined three times by the NFL this season for four personal fouls, including two in one game the first time the Cowboys played the Giants.


However, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that if the league is going to suspend Adams, it will likely announce the move today to give the Cowboys adequate practice time to prepare for his absence. So for the Cowboys, no news about Adams is good news about Adams.



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Flozell Adams will not be suspended



According to multiple sources, Flozell Adams will not be suspended by the NFL for his personal foul penalty Sunday against the New York Giants, however, he is likely to be fined for the fourth time this season.


"Flo and I will discuss the situation and determine what we will do," Adams' agent, Jordan Woy said. "The play was more complicated than people think. It's unfortunate that it happened and I don't believe it will be a problem in the future."


Adams has already been fined $25,000 for infractions in the first three games this year: $5,000 unnecessary roughness vs. Tampa Bay, $12,500 for a trip and attempted trip vs. the New York Giants and $7,500 for kicking Carolina's Julius Peppers.


Another infraction could result in a suspension. Adams would stand to lose nearly $59,000, or 1/17th of his $1 million base salary, if he is forced to sit out a week.


On Sunday, Adams pushed Giants defensive end Justin Tuck in the back as he ran downfield after a missed 57-yard field goal attempt. Adams tripped Tuck in the first meeting between the teams, resulting in Tuck hurting his shoulder. After the most recent game Tuck called Adams a "dirtbag," for the push that nearly caused a melee as the teams went into the locker room at halftime.





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