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Anyone know of any? Mine just went down. :(


just try this one....





the one I was watching went down and I just tried another one of pdubs....


oh, our secondary, Corey Webster included, sucks. I just hope Brandon Marshall has a big day.


And I'm sorry folks, but there's no way we win this game.

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and you guys wonder why our defense sucks. Bill Sheridan does not know how to draw up a blitz. Every single blitz I see is way too late and is given away way too early. And now we're dropping linemen into coverage.

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The NFL.com feed fucking BLOWS. The guys don't actually show the game they fucking talk in the studio the whole time. Brutal.


that one i linked is up again...it's weird sometimes it cuts out for like 10 minutes on me...i thought it was cuz of the commercials but i dunno...

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