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The Prince of Darkness Vs the Old Man


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Lately I think our team has woken up.......in the beginning of the year we were killing teams using our overwhelming talent and I thought the Giants played winning but un-emotional football- the Bellicheck way of doing things


We beat the Patriots because we played with more emotion 2 yrs ago.........we need to regain that spirit


I think were getting there


One thing you might notice about our new Defensive leader Blackburn is that he plays with high emotion.....hes in the game


Eli is starting to display fire and emotion (something he has long needed) ........if Jacobs finds his long lost fiery attitude (I loved how he defied the coaches and bounced it outside for a TD last week) and Danny Ware is what I think he is, We just might return to the Superdome a whole different team.........whollop them, and head to Miami to give the Pats another spanking.


Who amongst you does not want to see the Prince of Darkness scowling off the field SB night with his Gray Hoodie pulled over his head.........while Coughlin tries in vain to find the Prince and shake his evil hand


I always feel a touch of sadness mixed with unmitigated joy when we win a SB......alas we must then wait another 6 months to see our beloved Giants play again


I'm sure the new Stadium has a big high tech display case for the 26 SB trophies were going to need to match the Yankees :o)


Lets all be Thankful tomorrow that were all Giants fans and we can top off the day by watching them hammer the Broncos (Coached by the Evil ones protege BTW......although I must confess I like Josh McDaniel....hes much more human and exhuberant that the Prince)

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