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Do you think Blackburn gets Defensive MVP this week?


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He owes Tuck a dinner for erasing one of his sacks with that holding penalty.


I thought he played very well for a 1st effort at MLber in a long time. He definitely move faster and with more power than Pierce.........he was directing the D well


Tackling was crisp, and the middle coverage good until Gongalez went wild

people were flying to the ball


problem was we faced a very good team a lot like ourselves and our Dline still cannot pressure the QB


I'd like to see more creative blitzing like the Kavika Mitchell fake to pull back and then go....some corner blitzing

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Fuck MVP of the week, Blackburn is easily first ballot Hall of Fame player.


Blackburn is the white LT.


My pick for D MVP this week would be Webster, Boley, and Tuck in that order


unfortunatley Tuck is on the field too much early and gassed late yet again......Tollefson shuld be getting more reps and Osi Should not be out there all game

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ross spent a decent amount of snaps at safety too.


boley was our best defensive player yesterday by far though.


Definitely playing well but he shit the bed against Gonzales at the end though. I understand he's a HOF TE but if he could have just held him a little longer the Giants probably wouldn't have needed OT.

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