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The reason why Tynes missed.


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Because he sucks balls. He's blaming it on Feagles too but the snap looked fine on replay.



He bailed on that kick, plain and simple. He's a disaster. That was so irresponsible that he almost got himself hurt and Feagles too. Fucking joker!

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I still want to know what happened on the aborted FG. That play turned out to be the difference.


When a team loses by one point, the players often go back and look at all the little ways they could have gotten that point. Sunday, after the Giants’ 21-20 loss to the Chargers, there were three glaring points that were left on the field early.


Those points could have come on a 39-yard field goal by Lawrence Tynes on the game’s opening drive. But holder Jeff Feagles botched the snap and Tynes, who said Feagles “double-caught” the ball, decided not to attempt the kick as he came through.


“As he was bringing it around, I saw it drop out of his hands and then he caught it again,” Tynes said. “We’ll look at the film. It is frustrating when you lose by one point, but we had opportunities.”


Tynes then paused and said, “But that one hurts. That one stings a little bit.”


Feagles walked out of the locker room as Tynes was addressing reporters. The veteran punter did not address the media to give his side of the story.


Tynes said he was “a little quick” getting into his steps toward the ball on the play, but felt his timing was thrown off.


“I was there when I thought I should’ve been,” Tynes said, “and the ball wasn’t.”


Asked if he believes he would have kicked Feagles’ hands or the side of the ball, Tynes said, “Something. It just wasn’t right.”


Neither was his left knee after the play.


“I took a helmet on the knee. I was standing there and got hit five different ways,” Tynes said. “It’s fine, just a little sore.”


LB Danny Clark is a media-savvy, verbose player during interviews. When it comes to answering questions from the media, Clark is anything but brief.


But Sunday, when asked about what appeared to be an on-field disagreement with Antonio Pierce following a touchdown by San Diego in the third quarter, Clark’s verbal output had to be an all-time low.


“No, not at all,” Clark said when asked if there was a miscommunication. To a follow-up question about whether something had gone wrong with the coverage, Clark simply replied, “No.”


But that’s not the way it looked while Pierce was yelling at Clark on his way off the field after Chargers QB Philip Rivers hit wide-open TE Kris Wilson for a 2-yard touchdown. Clark then stared at Pierce on the sideline and the two had a brief meeting with defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan before Pierce walked off again.


“Not sure, not sure,” Clark said when asked if he was supposed to cover Wilson. “We haven’t gotten to the bottom of it yet.”


Pierce left the locker room without speaking to reporters.


Clark rotated with rookie LB Clint Sintim for much of Sunday’s game.


“Not surprised at all,” Clark said. “We do that in practice, so we did it in the game.”


LB Gerris Wilkinson left with a wrist injury, though he said X-rays revealed no broken bones. He was on his way to the hospital for further evaluation.


RT Kareem McKenzie, who has battled groin and knee issues this season, went down with an undisclosed injury on the final play of the third quarter but did not leave the game.


DE Justin Tuck said his “lower extremity” issue that knocked him out of the final drive is not serious and that he wanted to return to the game immediately but was overruled.



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