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Did I just watch that abortion of a game for 3 1/2 hours?


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Must-win tomorrow for Burnett.. Hopefully the "Who's your Daddy Chants" ring in Pedro's ears...


Is it just me, or is Cliff Lee a cocky bastard? That no-look arm outstretched catch reeked of douchebagness, as did his little shrug and smile after catching that Cano liner up the middle.... I wanted to punch his lights out. Damn though, what a pitching performance...


Hughes has been stinking it up... I have no confidence in Joba or Aceves to get big outs in the 7th or 8th... Mo can't go 2 every game... Phil better get his shit together and quick.


Last and not least, the offense needs to WAKE UP... I understand a bad game against an incredible pitcher, but c'mon... Nobody has been consistently driving the ball this entire postseason other than A-Rod... Its gonna be a long winter if Tex, Posada, and Matsui don't start driving the ball to the gaps and over the fences.


That is all.

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I missed game 1. I'm not going to lie, I figured game 1 to be a lock. Would'a been nice to see CC v. Lee, but my kid had a performance at school, just figured I'd catch the highlights. 6-1? In the opening game of the first World Series in the Yankees new home? Never saw that coming. Sucks, actually. Now I know how the Cowboys fans felt on their home opener.

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Guest StrahansGap

Not much you can do when your opposing pitcher is throwing like Cy Young. Oh. and A-Rod seems to have found his bra again...... :confused:

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