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Thinking the unthinkable


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Is Eli's foot causing problems, and if so, should the Giants start Carr?


"Feels good moving around, but just getting back to making plays and throwing the ball accurately and ... that'll come back," Manning said.


"I don't want to say it's affected my accuracy," Manning said. "I don't think it's a reason that I've not played as well as I could. It's just about getting back to work and looking at my mechanics and making sure everything's where it needs to be."



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His heel would be in much better shape if Mario Nancyhands could catch


wow how quickly we can turn on our boys. I'm sure Mario is more upset than any of us and he'll more than make up for the drops.

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Yeah. But how long will take for Mario Dropingham to actually stop his drops and actually make up for it instead of just feeling bad about it??? Its been too many years now that the Giants have been plagued by key drops that stall drives.


LETS GO GET LARRY JOHNSON! He anyway has lost his mind up there in KC and needs therapy. Lets get him. Then he can really make things happen behind our vastly superior OL! :P

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