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If we match CC with Lee and Pettitte with Hamels, AJ and Gaudin should be able to take care of the rest. And also don't try to throw too many high fast ones like the last time. Fuckers were hitting them out on pitches they had no business swinging at.

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I certainly am rooting for the Yanks....as I have all my life. But I am also one who knows that any team can win on any given day. Baseball is the only sport in which you lose an average of 4 games out of 10 for the year and you are a championship team. It's a game of "micro-inches". The swing of a bat can become a long homerun or an easy groundout double play - all determined by a round bat swinging at over a hundred miles an hour against a round ball coming at the batter at nearly the same speed (and can be moving and darting in obscene directions) - and the difference between the two hit balls can be measured in thousandths of an inch.


Plus, baseball players (both hitters and pitchers) are streaky and go through hot spells and cold spells. They come and go instantly and without warning. A-Rod is hot as hell right now, but he could go into a cold streak on Wednesday. Texeria has been colder than hell, but could suddenly get smokin hot.


The teams with the most talent generally end up with the best record when it's spread out over an entire season, but a 7 game series can go either way.....especially when both teams were the cream that rose to the top of their league for the season.


The Phillies could win it.....but the Dodgers can't - nor can the Red Sox - nor the Angels. Any team that is in the series can win it all if things line up for them.


With all that mumbo jumbo said...............Go Yanks, kick some Philly ass!!!


But I don't dare make a prediction.

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