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We got owned (pwned!). Period


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After that game I just purely simply felt that we got owned.....badly. Im actually contemplating the fact that maybe we were actually 'overrated'.


Webster got badly owned. Our defense in general got owned. Our offense couldnt match that firepower.


NAS said I hope Eli plays like he did at SD. I said, maybe, but I hope the defense doesnt. Actually they did. Last time it was on the ground. This time it was through the air. We just flat out sucked today! Hopeless. All credit to the Saints for putting on an awesome display of offense. The could very well contend for the new 'greatest show on turf' mantle. But man was this game a letdown! Poor poor poor!


On the other hand, Im glad our JV schedule spoiled us yes. Im glad we were brought to the ground this early. And Im glad our bye is late. We can fix things and we will. This is too good a team to be owned by the Saints like that again. A-Game from here on I guess...

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"Overrated" popped into my head more than a few times, too... like when Osi was being schooled by an undrafted rookie.


Seriously. Also about how we were all hanging on to Webster's pubes! They were humiliated today! I guess the whole of last month our intensity of preparation died completely because of the piss-poor douchebags that we played (with all due respect to the Raiders :) ), after eating cotton candy for a month, we went up against a team that actually was in our league, that had 2 weeks to prepare for their NFC Championship contender and we got owned.


As Mike Tyson said - 'Everybody has a plan - until you get punched in the face!'

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all is not lost. If you recall, the first two games of Spags life as our DC didn't exactly go smoothly...a lot of zone coverage and we we're still in bend don't break mode.


This was our D's first big test and we blew it; it was also our DC's first test and I was unimpressed.


We'll move on from it and learn. I would rather learn this lesson now and adjust then learn on the fly in January and stew over it all off season.

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