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LETS GO BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Now is the time. Been alot of shit talk about who we played. How they suck. How we havnt been challenged. How Eli has no receivers. What are you guys gonna do about it? Are you gonna roll over if we go down by 2 scores? Are you gonna quit? You gonna let Drew Brees and the Saints walk all over you? I wanna see you Osi. Its week 6 and its time to get back to form. I wanna hear your number being called early and often. Justin Tuck you always come up big for us, but thats all in the past now. Its time to bring your game to another level so high its off the scales. Blkackburn this is gonna make or break you as a player. Every snap anticipate where the ball is goin and attack. Dont hesitate. Brandon Jacobs. Clear your head and get ready for some Hard running. I dont wanna see you legs stop once. Every player, every play. Now lets stomp these mother fucker OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flex:

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