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Washington Nationals (0-1) at NY Mets (1-0)

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Bannister Makes Debut Versus Washington

On the Mets first off-day of the season, at least one of them will be working. Brian Bannister, who seldom lets them see him sweat, needs to perspire.

Bannister will be at Shea Stadium on Tuesday morning to get the juices flowing and occupy some of the moments preceding his big-league debut. The youngster makes his Major League debut on Wednesday, completing the eight-week transition from the possible starter in Norfolk's first game to starting the Mets' second game.


One man's injury is another man's opportunity.


Initially, Bannister was to have started the Mets' sixth game on Sunday. But a strained left hamstring for Victor Zambrano has accelerated Bannister's introduction to the big leagues.


At one point, the change eliminated potential distractions. Bannister's family and friends had planned to attend the Sunday game, but were unsure they could attend when the change was made. On Wednesday, he said, "Everybody's coming."


"But I'll be fine with it," Bannister continued. "I'd rather have them here."


Pitching matchup

NYM: RHP Brian Bannister (4-1, 3.18 ERA at Triple-A Norfolk in 2005)

Bannister, son of former Astros and White Sox pitcher Floyd, is the third rookie to start the season in the Mets' rotation in a four-year period. Jae Seo and Tyler Yates starteds games as rookies in 2003 and 2004, respectively.


WAS: RHP John Patterson (9-7, 3.13 ERA in 2005)

Patterson is winless with two losses and a 6.20 ERA in five career starts at Shea Stadium.


Player to watch

Few who will gather in Shea Stadium on Wednesday night for the second game of this three-game series are likely to speak of Ryan Zimmerman in the same breath as David Wright. But the Nationals' 21-year-old third baseman may turn out to be for Wright what Nomar Garciaparra used to be for Derek Jeter.


The two grew up about 30 minutes from each other in Virginia Beach. Now, they play the same position in the same division, and they are comparable in age, as Wright turned 23 in December.


Zimmerman likes the Mets' pitching. With two hits on Monday, he has nine safeties in 17 career at-bats against Wright's team.


On television



On radio

• WFAN 660 AM (English)


Up next

Thursday: Nationals (Ramon Ortiz, 9-11, 5.36 ERA in 2005) at Mets (Pedro Martinez, 15-8, 2.82 ERA in 2005), 7:10 p.m. ET

Friday: Marlins (Jason Vargas, 5-5, 4.03 ERA in 2005) at Mets (Steve Trachsel, 1-4, 4.14 ERA in 2005), 7:10 p.m. ET

Saturday: Marlins (Dontrelle Willis, 0-0, 0.00 ERA) at Mets (Tom Glavine, 1-0, 1.50 ERA), 1:10 p.m. ET

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Plus I have faith Lo Duca has worked especially hard with Brian since it was announced that he was in the rotation.

That great... even mets.xom is saying this game means alot for this kid's future... we better not boo this kid... I hate some of our fans :furious:

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It did manage to get a lot of guests here but I only got one reply and it's from someone who told me not to sollicitate. LOL



lol... for some reason nobody posts when you post another MB on thier site... but then you get like 80 guests :LMAO: ALMOST GAME TIME, GUYS!!!!

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