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Yanks vs. A's game thread...4/5

so-cal dub

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Wow, they really could've carried the momentum from last night too.


Have a feeling this won't be their last rally though.

Fuck, the way Harden buzzed Sheff, ARod, and Butterball....I wouldn't say that. :brooding:

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1st batters on 3rd and 2nd, then the strike-out posse steps to the plate! :furious:


You sure you were not in NY the other day sitting behind me at Shea when Beltran made his first out of 2006? :confused:

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Whats going on in the game??Im not getting it and i dont know any sites thats playing it, Im just watching the play by play thing on mlb.com

Not much. 2 consecutive 3 up 3 down innings from Moose. Harden striking out everyone.

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Aw fuck...HR A's


"Ooooh we got one fucking run hooray!"


Watch it...we'll drop a big stinky 15 spot on your face! and proceed to teabag your mother. :flex:

LOL that sucks they hit a homer??fuck what inning is it in??



GOD DAMN thats alot

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